Boomkwekerij Vandeputte Belgium, Driesknocklaan 49, 8540 Deerlijk - België, tel.: +32 (0) 56 72 40 54 fax : +32 (0) 56 72 40 56,


Vandeputte Belgium is a Belgian nursery that specialises in producing conifers and shrubs in pots and has for many years been a leader in the world of green. The company provides the best possible service to customers on a daily basis: an extensive range of outstanding quality, plus professional advice. Each year, approximately 5,000,000 plants are grown in 9 cm pots, divided between 1200 or so varieties of shrubs and conifers. The plants are grown mainly from cuttings; a small proportion is produced from seed and grafts. The plants are 1 to 2 years old when delivered and are intended to be planted out in the earth or in containers. The products of Vandeputte Belgium are genuine species, healthy, strong and divided plants: the plants have been pruned at the company a minimum of 2 to 5 times. 95% of production is exported to countries in Europe and beyond. This season, you will find an even wider range of green at the nursery. You are welcome to come and visit the nursery at any time, where you will be convinced of the quality of the plants. You can view the product list for this season at this website. Call it a little sample of their endless range.

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